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Sunday, February 04, 2018 pcooper Entrepreneurship No comments

Why Do I like Speed so much? 🤔

And more importantly, why do YOU, Fellow Entrepreneur’s ♥️Speed so much?🔥🔥 I’m talking fast 🏎🏍🏂cars, boats, and motorcycles!

It’s because Entrepreneur’s are momentum based beings! And physiological beings. When we are in motion, we have momentum, which the EPT(Entrepreneur Personality Type) so desperately needs!

This is one of the reasons, I like working with Jeff Lerner so much and coaching his business system. The system helps us create speed in our business, by allowing us to focus on 1 thing…

Watch the video below to learn more.


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Wednesday, December 20, 2017 Phil Cooper Entrepreneurship , Home Business Success , Internet Marketing No comments

My first Ebook Is Complete! After a lifetime of being an entrepreneur(and surviving!!!), I have compiled more experience than I could ever fit into 1 book… So here is my shot at sharing my Online experiences….

“The Online Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide”

In my book I share

➡️7 Secrets of Six Figure Producers – These Time Saving Shortcuts Will Obliterate Every Single Obstacle Standing Between You And a Thriving Six-Figure Business from HomeLearn A Simple 3 Step Formula That I Used To Build A Successful Online Business.

➡️The 3 BIG profit-destroying problems that plague 99% of online businesses (avoid these 3 debilitating problems and you can print money on demand with more speed pleasure and ease)

➡️The Weird New Online Formula That Allowed Him to Get Out of Debt and Make Over $450,000 in His First Year in Home Based Business

See you on the inside!

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