The best things in life are on the other side of your comfort zone. Using Self Improvement you can reach this zone

If you’re not growing, you are dieing! I’ve often heard this reading Self Improvement books from Jim Rohn. When you are leaving your comfort zone, you are growing.  The best things in life are to be gained from leaving your comfort zone.

Most of my life I never considered Network Marketing. I also never knew self development was such an important aspect to network marketing.

I grew up in a family that had a traditional business. My parents didn’t know it was called Self Improvement, but my parents often encouraged me to always read and feed my mind, to learn! My mother and father were  Entrepreneurs, as were both pair of grandparents, and many of my uncles and aunts. We were always encouraging business talk in the house. We’d go on family vacations and discuss what business ideas we might come up with, that would work in that location. Always dreaming… But I never considered network marketing. I never knew PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME existed!

When the economy crashed in 2008, it hit me hard.

I was crushed, in may ways. Financially I was crushed. Personally, my confidence was shaken. I wasn’t reading. I was just “surviving”. I had fallen off my track of self improvement. But luckily, I noticed this and read a book called “Failing Forward”. I realized I had to make some difficult decisions and quickly. I had to auction off most of our company. This started me thinking about, another way. There had to be something recession proof that I could do.. Then my best friend, Mark Bezik told me about a green energy business, he wanted me to look at. It seemed too good to be true! Do a few simple actions every day and earn PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOMEI fell in love with this company and network marketing. It didn’t take me long to figure out, I had found a better way! I was going outside my comfort zone in a big way! I had to get back to work at Self Improvement.

self improvement

After proving to myself I could work this business, I made a monumental decision to leave my comfort zone.

I went through a personal and professional development course, called Landmark. It was here, I did some deep personal discovery. I realized, I no longer had the stomach to be a professional gambler. Which is essentially what I was. Gambling my life savings, my health, my family on the asphalt paving business.

self improvement

I made a decision to sell my asphalt paving company! I was making a slight career, redirect. I was now going to work on building my FORTUNE and investing in myself via self improvement, while going to work for someone else. I found a way to allow someone else to handle the stress, while I was able to sell asphalt and help transform a company, in need of transformation. Sounded like fun! I sold my company, now I still work in the industry, doing sales and consulting( earning a 6 digit income!)

So while earning my linear income, I was building an income stream, that would be my retirement and eventually allow me financial freedom. Soon, I will be earning dual 6 digit incomes.

Thanks to Landmark, I was able to have complete confidence in my decision. This was by far the best  self impovement course I have ever taken. I made the decision and its been full speed ahead.  I’ve been pushing myself outside my comfort zone on a daily basis, ever since, like the adrenaline junky that I am.  Every day, taking action, to leave my comfort zone. Getting better every day in every way! And modeling self improvement!

 self impovement

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