Have you Ever Had a Friend Hit You With the “Dude,  We need to talk about that blog”

Or maybe for you, it was “that business” or that “girlfriend” Anyways, when we hear that question, we usually know what is coming…No, not a fight!


I thought I knew what was coming from this friend that will remain nameless (JOE P)..He says “I saw one of your videos, and dude, You Sound Like a Cult Leader”..

The Green Kool Aid
Drink the Kool Aid

I cried, I was laughing so hard. Was my public speaking that bad?

I realized that if a friend that knows me, thinks I sound like a goofball, imagine what others might think! Not that I really care, but the point is NOT to sound like a cult leader. I realized it was time to get to the point. I needed to improve my public speaking and have a quick point or 2 to my videos. And why not read a book that I had already bought! Public Speaking Magic. Nice, short 100 page book. So take out a pen and paper to take notes. You won’t want to miss this part. Public Speaking 101

1) Ask a Question, I did this! 2) Tell a story( I did this too!) 3) Do an exercise.(BOOM!) These 3 methods, especially when used together are GUARANTEED TO WORK!

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