That’s a question I’ve been asking myself since I met Ray Higdon in February of 2014.

I was in Fort Myers visiting my parents. I’ve been following Ray ever since I dove into network marketing and I was aware he lived in Fort Myers. I shot Ray a message on Facebook asking if he’d like to get together for a cup of coffee. Ray said sure.

I prepared a list of questions for my meeting with Ray

My main goal was to figure out what I needed to do, to take my business to the top. It was a beautiful morning and I was able to ride my dad’s scooter.

I was able to take many excellent nuggets from that meeting with Ray. The biggest thing I realized, it was clear, I needed to start a blog.

After our meeting Ray proceeded to do two consecutive blogs and podcasts, of which he got the content from our meeting! He’s good! I needed to start doing this too. Through this blog, I would become more influential and be a person of authority in my given subjects. I couldn’t get this thought out of my head. I needed to take the plunge and do this! After only 9 months of planning my blog 😉  it’s now time.


Lucky for me, I was introduced to an online attraction marketing and business system. and I also watched a Ray Higdon “3 Minute Expert” webinar on Content creation.

I was able to take note of my 3 top places for blog content creation.

  1. Google Search- Often searched for terms or ideas
  2. Books- Discuss books or do reviews. Or cover topics that books on best seller lists are covering.
  3. Headlines from blog related magazines or websites

With a source for content all I need to do is regurgitate what I learn into my own words and I have a blog!

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  1. Ray has a way of motivating you to get things done right then. Welcome to the journey.

  2. Thanks for sharing you story about meeting Ray Higdon. That’s a great way to share content, but creating a blog or podcast about your meeting with someone…everybody can learn from that

    Great post my friend.

    Dr. Lisa

    1. Thank you Dr. Lisa. I’ve been watching all your very helpful posts in our group. I’m saving them for reference. Thanks for those

  3. Ray is an amazing leader and mentor!! What an opportunity to sit down and talk with him!! Excellent post!