How do I Create Massive Results?

I’m Trying, but the results just aren’t there. What am I doing wrong?

That’s a question I often hear. It’s often an easy one, but not a simple one. Many of our “projects” don’t take off for a variety of reasons. On today’s MLSP(MyLeadSystemPro) Conference call, Aron Parker covered this topic. This info is applicable to ALL businesses, relationships, projects, ETC….They ALL need results

Good Intentions is the FIRST Step, but not the ONLY step

Many of us think, because we mean well, that should be “Good Enough”. Well, I hate to break it to you, this isn’t “Good Enough”. Your business is not a lottery that you throw your $ in and wait and hope you are the winner! The guts of the call were the following

  • You MUST make a shift to take DAILY SPECIFIC ACTIONS. Otherwise, YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT!
    • I recommend planning these actions the day before
  • Consistency. You must take massive daily action, every day!
  • Language is important. Substitute the terms “Some Day, hopefully, etc..” with “Action, purpose, now, discipline, habits”
  • You must move from Good Intentions to Good Actions

Intention + Action= Results!!

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  1. Awesome post! Our words dictate our intentions…

    I have heard it said once that “the road to someday leads to a town called nowhere.”

    Dr. Lisa

  2. Intending is only a part of it but it is important and of course you must take massive action you need one with the other.

  3. It’s so important to move from intentions to action! Thanks for the reminder…we all need it once in a while. Great post!

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