If you allow burnout and stress to run its course, it will leave you like the pictured car.

A shell of a person. Just a body walking through life trying to survive. This is NO WAY TO LIVE!!! Life does not need to be like that! Burnout leads to lack of creativity, poor performance and disengagement. Burnout and stress also affect you physically and can cause the following symptoms; fatigue, lack of sleep,sickness, depression, anxiety, and other physical ailments. Burnout has ruined many careers. Stress has even more negative side effects wreaks havoc on your health.

You can manage and control stress!

You must remember, stress is FAKE! 100% made up from the voices in your head. Telling you stories about what may or may not happen. Throw the voices in a closet and slam the door! Yes! It really is that simple(with proper training)

How do I manage this?

It’s important to regenerate your energy. Without this, you are likely going to flame out. There are 3 steps to regeneration. These are

  1. Exercising some mind control. Think of blissful things. Or think of a time when you were fulfilled
  2. Remember… Your J.O.B does NOT define you! You are MUCH more than your job. You MUST live a balanced life with the following elements.
    1. Career
    2. Family
    3. Financial
    4. Physical health
    5. Learning and personal development
    6. Recreation
    7. Social
    8. Spiritual

If you’re missing something from that list, you’re doing it WRONG. Add that list to your agenda and make some time in your calendar to live a balanced life.

3. Become accountable for your own life!! When I was running my asphalt paving company. I allowed stress to eat me alive. I worried about employees, the economy, unions, etc… All things I can’t control. I took back control of my life by selling my problems to someone else 😉

I am personally accountable for my own life and everything that happens in it. This has helped eliminate the stress from my life.

There area a few other things I have done to eliminate stress and burn out from my life that I recommend for EVERYONE!

  1. Grow!! Always be learning. Read. Take courses. When you are growing, you are focused on the new stuff and not on the stress
  2. Meditation. Meditate at least 10 minutes every day. This is mind control. The ultimate level of personal development and taking control of yourself and your life,  is controlling your own mind. Set a timer for 10 minutes and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Every time you have a though, pluck the though from your mind like its a weed. It’s VERY tough to do this for 10 minutes. But your brain needs this! You must rest your brain and clear your mind, so new thoughts and Ideas can have room to grow
  3. Take a personal development course. I recommend Landmark. You can check out a short 10 minute video Here. Landmark was LIFE CHANGING for me and other’s I’ve shared Landmark with. There are MANY  ways this program helped me and enhanced my life. Landmark is for everyone, no matter where in your life or career you are at.
  4. I subscribe to and recommend, a 4 day weekend every 8 weeks. You need to recharge your batteries and remind yourself why you work hard. I’ve had many arguments with my dad on this, but for me, this step is 100% necessary, to avoid burn out
  5. Daily physical activity. Even if its only 15 minutes of sit ups, push ups and treadmill. This is VERY important. You only get 1 body and if you don’t maintain it, you will wear it out. Then you are out of business!

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  1. Awesome post! Everyone needs to hear these things Phil. I needed to read this today. Thank you!

  2. I love you list of elements of a balanced life. It can be so easy to become heavily focused in one area and neglect the others. great reminder!

  3. I’ve been through burnout before and it’s not very fun…I wish I had your tips back then when I had it 🙂

    Great post Phil

    Dr. Lisa