With Life Often “Lifeing” Us, it’s often difficult to keep a positive energy about us.

Often times in the past, it was near impossible for me. When you have a negative energy or mind set, it’s often hard to take action. If you’re looking to be successful,  you need to know what it takes to give you a positive energy.

One thing I’ve done to create a positive energy for myself, is re-programming.

Everything you do in life, every experience you experience, whether you remember these experiences today or not, creates “files” that are stored in your brain. In your subconscious. These files affect everything you do. Many of these files are old files, they are outdated and are no longer needed. Most of us don’t know how to just “delete” or “overwrite” these files. We can accomplish this via reading and personal development. One even better method is a program I graduated from, called The Landmark Forum. It was here that I was able to rid myself of the old, outdated files that were stored in my subconscious and prevented me from creating and adding new files. At Landmark I was able to start fresh with a new hard drive.

Another habit I’ve added to my daily schedule to keep positive energy is, repeating affirmations.

I have 11 affirmations that I repeat to myself at least twice a day. Usually more. I saved these affirmations in Evernote. I then took a screen shot of my screen and saved this image as my lock screen on my phone. Thus, every time I look at my phone, I see my affirmations. I will share a few of mine;

  1. Bob Quintana(My mentor in Green Energy), not only am I going to challenge you at the post, but I will beat you at the grandstand.
  2. I am a million dollar earner
  3. I am the possibility of Freedom
  4. I am the possibility of Courage
  5. I am the possibility of Compassion

I have more, but all of these should be personal to each individual. Another way I’m using these affirmations, is at part of my vision, that I sit quietly for 10 minutes every morning and night, to think about and visualize myself in. Living life daily, from my vision

A third habit for positive energy is Deep Sleep Programming. I’ve heard others speak of it and I’ve often wondered about it. I was interested to see how this could assist with positive energy.

Then I heard April Marie Tucker talk about this, on one of the MLSP Morning Wake UP Calls. These calls are amazing, by the way. These calls are at 10 AM Central M-F. 712.432.3431. Pin 399808#.

Anyways, April talked about Deep Sleep Programming (Click Here for my saved YouTube play list) and I implemented this immediately. Your brain and subconscious is receptive, even while sleeping! This means we all have 6-8 hours of potential learning and affirmations that we could be using. This is another great way to keep positive energy.

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