I often used to wonder, “What does it take to build a successful network marketing business?” Thanks to Bob Quintana for sharing his 4 Pillars to being a Successful Entrepreneur with me

Many people have different thoughts on what it takes to be a successful Entrepreneur.  I used to think, all I needed was positive energy and drive. Napoleon Hill points out his reasons for failure,along with many things needed for success.

One winter day in 2013, I had the pleasure to have an introduction to a new business mentor. Entrepreneur, Bob Quintana.

It was on this call that Bob shared his 4 Pillars to being a successful Entrepreneur with me. These pillars of success are;

  1. Duplication- We must have a business and a system that we are able to duplicate. Ever hear of McDonald’s, Starbuck’s, or Subway? All of these businesses are very successful but also have a model that they are able to duplicate, over and over and over. If you’re doing something in your business, that you can’t teach others to duplicate, you’re doing it wrong!
  2. Fast Start Training- We must be able to get new employees, associates or affiliates, started quickly. There should be a training model and system to get new people up and running FAST. When people are engaged and making $, they are likely to stick with a job or new business, longer
  3. Promotion- Promotion is a HUGE part of network marketing, especially, but also in business. If you don’t promote your business or event, nobody will know about it. When it comes to promoting events, knowing how to properly promote, is the most important thing about events.
  4. Taprooting- This is finding the newest person in your organization, that has potential to be a “player” and spending time mentoring this individual. This is important in traditional business as well as network marketing, if you want your business to grow and Duplicate!

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  1. Hi Phil,
    If you have a system that is easily duplicatable, is going to be fast growth for everyone even for the new guy. I haven’t hear about the taprooting very interesting