Have you ever had the chance to speak to someone you admire or want to work with and you had a chance to speak up, but you froze? Or how about, living your life to a lower standard and knowing what you need to do, but not doing it..being stuck in a rut that you can’t get out of.

Many of us have been in a situation like this. Be it, a top business prospect, a potential customer, or a person you’re attracted to and you’d like to ask them on a date. All of us have been there. Most of us have frozen and not been able to speak what you want to speak, if you even speak at all.

If you’re an entrepreneur, these prospects go on your “Chicken Shit list” Attack this list if you’re looking for a positive change in your life.

Or maybe you’re in a dead end relationship or job, maybe a loved one is an addict or alcoholic. Many of us are afraid to speak up or do anything about what’s bothering us.

Does any of this apply to you? Do you have a chicken shit list? Want to know the key to getting rid of this list or JOB? Or the key to making positive change in your life? Simple one word answer, Courage.  Courage is taking action in the face of fear. Pretty profound, right? Yes, so simple, it makes you almost feel stupid when you think of it. 

Courage is the key to unlocking you’re freedom. Courage to let the past go. Courage to tackle new opportunity. Courage to speak up at work. Courage to speak up to a friend or loved one. Courage to take ACTION.

Want to know the key to courage? ACTION. Yes, once again, action is the key! By taking action, you start the ball rolling, creating some momentum, which leads to more action, which leads to more action, and so on… When you take action, you also feel better and you will now feel like taking the actions you need to take. (Even though, you should not live according to how you feel) So if you’re looking for a positive change in your life, courage is the key to taking action.

In Landmark, the forum leader used a tennis analogy. Imagine watching a tennis match. The ball goes back and forth, over and over. You watch this, but can not affect what is going on. Now, jump in the game. Take action, participate in the game, even get to the point where you dictate the game. This is life. Life happens for you, not to you(Thanks for sharing Brian Fanale!). Life is your tennis court. It’s up to you to create the action, so you quit looking for a positive change in your life and start BEING positive change in your life!



I recently met with the a business mentor of mine. He’s the president of  a large company. (200+million in annual revenue, maybe more?).

We have an annual meeting to catch up with each other. I’ve known my friend, Gary, for 20 years. He’s always been someone that I could share ideas with and talk business with. He’s one of the most successful people I know. So I was excited to meet with him and I planned on showing him my green energy business presentation. We spent most of our time catching up and sharing stories, till we were almost done, I almost blew it! But, I did not, even though I was not sure what he’d think. I knew I had something good to share with him. I had courage and asked if I could share it with him. He said “Yes, of course”. And he liked it! I’m sure many additional opportunities will arise out of me taking action in the moment. As I’ve stated before and I took this from Landmark, I am the possibility of Freedom, I am the possibility of Courage, and I am the possibility of Compassion.

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  1. Great post. Good way to tackle the challenges of business. ACTION is so important.