Ever wonder what it takes to have a break out year? To take life to another level? Thanks to the continuing mentorship from many mentors of mine, I have a clear path to this.


I recently listened to a morning wake up call and had the privilege of listening to Justice Eagan. He shared his 7 steps with me to have a break out year in 2016

  1. 1st step to all change. Take responsibility for your life.The Compound effect by Darren hardy. Your life is a product of your choices. Own this.You must own this to create change. Take control of your life. Don’t live in the past. Let go of the past. Live into your vision of the future. Make this your present. This is changing your paradigm
  2. You must change your core beliefs. Believe you can do it. You are capable of it. You deserve it. We are all capable of more than we give ourselves credit for. You must take back and own your power. Set up morning and evening positive affirmations. Speak positive things and positive expectations into your life.
  3. Monitor your associations. Don’t let negative people spend their time with you. Own the energy in your world. Spend time with Doers, Achievers, Dreamers. People with integrity. People that support you.  You can’t afford to spend time with anyone else
  4. Reverse engineer Your goals. It’s wild. Those that have what others want, will tell others how to get it or make it happen, and they don’t listen. Must write goals down. Must break them down to manageable chunks. Annual, monthly,  weekly, daily. If only annual, procrastination sets in easily
  5. Create new patterns in your life. Celebrate the step to your growth.  You must have that to create new habits. This is a life change!!! not a new years resolution. You’re creating a new habit of continuous learning.  This led to many new habits. Must have a core desire to improve. Too many people look for max results with minimum change
  6. Invest in yourself constantly.  You will get the best return investing in yourself. Increase your value. 
  7. Do what you already know to do!! Serve the marketplace. Uncover, agitate and offer solutions for the marketplace. Out serve your peers. Like Eric and RayAnybody and everybody can do it, if they want to do it.

Without great mentorship directly from wonderful people like Bob Quintana, Bob Florentine, Jason Wolkow, Lexa Leifer, Ray Hidon, and many of the others I’ve never “met” but I know from the audio cds, podcasts or conference calls I’ve listened to MANY times.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Phil! Great mentors can have a huge impact on business and life whether we work with them 1:1, read their books, listen to their podcasts, etc. Wonderful post!

  2. Excellent article Phil!The 7 points are spot on and will for sure make you have a break out year if followed! Great Value!

  3. Great post phil.! you are right we all have ti invest in our self. This is the best investment! Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Hey Phil, Great Post. I agree we all need great mentors to be successful.

  5. Hey Phil

    I love these 7 steps you shared for a break through year… these are all important points that can’t be overlooked.

    Having access to the right Mentors and implementing what you learn and personal accountability can really set you on the right path for success.


  6. Great post Phil, love Justice. Reverse engineering your goals is something that I started doing late last year.

    Great reminder and thanks for sharing.