My Business Plan Outline for 2016

Screw New Years Resolutions! Are you looking to create FREEDOM in 2016 and don’t know where to start? Here is my business plan outline for 2016

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I’ve created a business plan outline, that I’m personally working with, to plan my 2016. I will share the basic business plan outline, but not my specifics(They are personal).

I will start my business plan outline with my #1 priority, My Family.

business plan outline

  • I will Coach Little League again this season. Summer and Fall Ball.
  • We Will have a date night twice per month.
  • I have planned 3 or 4 day weekends every 6 weeks.
  • I have planned 1 ATV trip to the mountains, 1 snowmobile trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and 1 to 2 (extended) weekend motorcycle trips.

My Green Energy Business Plan Outline.

  • I have set annual goals(results oriented). I have set Monthly action based goals. Along with weekly and daily action based goals.
  • I will be attending our company’s annual convention.

My Internet Marketing Business Plan Outline.

  • I have set 3 annual goals that are results oriented.
  • I have Monthly results oriented goals.
  • I have weekly and daily action related goals.
    • I have created specific plans for each of the social media platforms.
    • I have created specific action based goals related to daily and weekly content creation.

4 Pillars to Being a Successful Entrenpreneur

I will Review and Adjust If Necessary my goals and plans on Monday Evenings. This gives me a reason to look forward to Mondays!

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  1. Great Post Phil…. love the family pic… love the Shepard… always love dog lovers… thanks for sharing this… great video.

  2. Hey Phil

    You have a very strong WHY and your family picture says it all..

    It is great that you have a plan of action for 2016…because we know “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”


  3. Great plan Phil! My agenda is full of learning also. Love the family pic…nice looking bunch. Also love the dog…did you say she doesn’t like Eskimos? How funny. She sure was alert and watching for something. Have fun!! great plan!

    • Haha. Yes, Leticia. I said she doesn’t like eskimoes! We saw a person all bundled up walking outside and Xena was barking. Thanks for your feedback and the compliment on my family!

  4. Phil great post! To think about my goals. 🙂 Very nice list you have. It will be a great 2016. for you! Thank you for sharing it.

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