How to perform effective goal setting

How often do you reach your goals? If you’re like me, probably not often! So, I’ve often wondered, “How do I perform effective goal setting?”

Well, lucky for you and I, Ray Higdon, just wrapped up a webinar covering goal setting. I’m going to share my takeaways with you!

Annual goals are OK, IF there’s a series of smaller goals leading to the larger goal. Thus, when goal setting, if you have annual goal of adding 100 new people to your business, you should break that down into quarterly and monthly goals. If your baseline is you successfully recruit 20% of the people you present to, into your business.

  • Then you would need to present to 500 people for the year.
  • Quarterly= 125 presentations
  • Monthly = 42 presentations
  • Weekly = 11 presentations

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This is the amount of presentations you’d need to make to recruit 100 people into your business. It’s much more effective breaking your goal down into manageable chunks. If you don’t do that, it’s easy to get discouraged. Also, when you don’t reach your goals, you break your word to yourself. This means you are now out of integrity to yourself. You need to keep your word to yourself to keep high self esteem and so you believe you deserve the rewards. Thus, many smaller goals leads to many smaller rewards and celebration and keeps self esteem high. For me, this is the game changer!

A couple more take away’s from Ray’s webinar

  • If you want to double your income, triple your actions!
  • Write your daily goals down on a note card and keep this note card with you
  • CELEBRATE ALL successes!
  • Your excitement grows as you grow
  • Add 1 MAJOR skill per year. Example, this year I’m adding internet marketing. I’m also adding Webinars. Yes, I’m adding 2 Major skills. I will be holding webinars monthly(for now, more often in the future)

 Need Help Now? Watch Wednesday Night Webinar HERE! 9 PM EST

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  1. Emi

    Hi Phil,
    Setting goals, it’s like mapping your way.
    When you know where you are going, it’s easy & faster to get there.

  2. Great tips and I loved Ray’s advice too on if you’re wanting to double your income, you have to increase your actions. If you want to make more money, help more people! When you look at it at from that perspective, it’s pretty simple. This is great advice so thanks for sharing!

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