Do you Have a Development Plan for 2016?

IF you don’t have a road map or development plan to create a major breakout in 2016? It’s time to create one.

Here’s a recap of a recent conference call with Bob Quintana

The First question to ask yourself.  What’s your biggest Triumph that you’d like to accomplish in 2016? For me, it’s a 6 digit year from my part time, home business. This will allow me to have DUAL 6-digit incomes. When the economy crashed, it wiped out all of my savings and investments. Thus, I’m still rebuilding and 2 incomes will help GREATLY!

The Second question to ask yourself. Are you Committed to doing this? I’m committed to making this happen and I’ve created a very specific day/week/month plan and review to make this happen! Third question to ask yourself. What Personal Development are you committed to doing, to make this happen? I’m committed to continue learning skills that I need to take my business to the top! I’m going to register for another Landmark program The 4th and final question.  Where do you rank in your Tri Lateral Leadership ranking? This is a leadership score developed by Orrin Woodward and discussed in “Launching a Leadership Revolution”. This is my personal favorite leadership book. I’m currently re-reading it for my 4th time.Development Plan

  • Character. How’s your Integrity? Humility? Dependability?
  • Tasks. How effective are you? Do you accomplish tasks on time?
  • Relationships. How do you relate to others?

You should rank yourself 1-10 in all of those categories. Then multiply all 3 numbers and a perfect score would 1000. This is where Orrin Woodward lives. To recap, I’ve now provided you 4 very important questions to assist you in creating a development plan to create a BREAKOUT 2016!

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  1. Thanks for sharing those 4 questions. Definitely a good way to start the year off and have a big year in 2016

  2. Great post Phil! Thanks for sharing a bit of your personal story. I’m certain you will achieve your goals in 2016.

    Launching a Leadership Revolution sounds like a great book. I’m adding it to my reading list.

  3. Great stuff Phil Cooper I going to have to get really busy.Thank for your help.I will be doing my 2016 break out plan really soon

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Katherine! Happy to help. I’d be happy to review your 2016 break out plan with you, if you’d like.