Getting people started quickly, is one of the 4 pillars of having a successful mlm business.


If you’re business is like mine, than the business is built for speed. And you need to be able to get new partners started quickly, if you have any hopes of success. IF a new partner is not earning money in his first 28 days, odds are good, that they will not be around for very long. This is what usually leads to high attrition rates in mlm companies.

When I get someone started, I first sit with them, in person if possible, otherwise, over the phone.

  1. First thing we do to get someone started, is enroll the new team member. (5 minutes)
  2. Now I assist in setting up the banking for the new member. It helps to get paid!(5 minutes)
  3. Now the new member is ready for University. Your business may or may not have a similar step. My partners need to be compliant with many energy regulations. (30 minutes)
  4. The training starts here. First thing is to develop a strong why. Your why is the most important step in success. It must be strong, if you are to overcome obstacles. It can’t be “Money”. More like, money to do what and why?
  5. Here I show the partner how to contact others and invite them to see your business. There is an art to this step. This, to me, is the step  you need to spend the most time on. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT(10 minutes)
  6. Show The Program. This is called an exposure. The partner is showing the prospect the business plan, in my company this is by video.(5 minutes)
  7. The last item I train a new partner for, is goal setting. I help set up 90, 60 and 30 day goals. We then also set daily and weekly goals. We also discuss the next 14 days in detail. I let my new partner know, He/She is going to be in contact with me, every day over the next 2 weeks. I ask if this is ok.(15 minutes)

That’s all I teach on the first training meeting. I only throw what is relevant, right now, at the new partner. This way the partner is not overwhelmed, as they often are anyways.

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