Are you looking to Leverage the Internet for your business and not sure how? Blogging is the answer!

If you’re like me and most entrepreneurs, the answer is YES. But there’s SO MANY tools and programs for blogging, where do I start? Where to start is what slows most people from taking that first step..Here’s my product review of what I’m using.

The search that led me to blogging started last February when I was visiting with Ray Higdon for a cup of coffee. Blogging

I was in Fort Myers and I had reached out to Ray about a meeting. I was excited to get an opportunity to meet Ray and pick his brain. I’m committed to building a massive business and whom better to turn to for advice, but Ray Higdon. He’s grown a massive business in under 10 years. Earning over 4 million per year leveraging the internet via blogging  and teaching others to do the same.

I prepared a list of questions, revolving around what I was currently doing and what I wanted to achieve.

It was abundantly clear quickly, that the next step for my business was attraction marketing via blogging. Now I knew what I needed to do, but I wasn’t clear how...

I dragged my feet for 9 months, knowing what I needed to do for my business, but not being sure how to do it..

Then, I watched yet another webinar from Ray. But this one was different, he laid out the blue print for blogging. Ray also had created a training product called “The 3 Minute Expert” to help me get started.  Ray originally perfected blogging for his Real Estate business. Now he’s utilizing it for network marketing.

My business, Lifestyle Design International, has ALL the tools I needed. Some of these tools are

LDI also has built in training! There are weekly training webinars. There’s a “Half Hour of Power call”,Monday, Wednesday & Friday that is hosted by the absolute best minds in the business! The  call is phenomenal!!

(563,999,1098; 879710# is PIN) This call is Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 10 AM Central. All the calls are recorded and archived in our dashboard. Training videos for EVERYTHING related to your business. Training videos for EVERYTHING related to internet marketing. Training videos for all kinds of marketing strategies!!  This program will take YEARS off your learning curve. It has mine.

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  1. Great review, the 3-minute expert is a must-have for any business person serious about blogging.

  2. Awesome post Phil… blogging is awesome and no one better to learn it from than Ray Higdon… thanks for sharing this…