Leaders are Readers!

Ever heard the saying “Leaders are Readers”?

Yep, because it’s true! Leaders typically have a thirst for more knowledge! From an early age my mom always encouraged me to read. And I’ve always been a bookworm, thanks to her! Thanks Mom!

Those that want to be leaders have 2 way to learn, making their own mistakes or learning from other’s experiences/mistakes.

I choose both! 🙂 Here are my 10 favorite books, not in order.

  1. Think & Grow Rich leaders
  2. Failing Forward leaders
  3. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership  Leaders
  4. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Leaders
  5. Go Pro leaders
  6. Born To Win Leaders
  7. When the Buck Stops With You leaders
  8. The Richest Man in Babylon leaders
  9. As a Man Thinketh leaders
  10. The Science of Getting Rich Leaders
  11. And saving best for last!!! Launching a Leadership Revolution leaders

Special mention going to “I will NEVER Do Network Marketing” by my company’s TOP EARNER! leaders LOADS of Value here in these books. If you buy all 12 now, you’d spend less than $100 on priceless information. I recommend picking up all of these books(or any you haven’t yet read). You can click any of those links to purchase the books on Amazon.

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  1. Woohoooo there a view on your List that I have not yet on my List! Thank you for Sharing! Have a great Weekend Phil 🙂

  2. Now, that is a great list of books! Added a couple I didnt have to my library! Thanks for the share!

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