How to Crush Every Day Like A Super Hero

Do you often wonder how to accomplish everything you want to accomplish? A Planning Process is the Key!

When you have a home business, often times, you have many distractions and forces pulling you in many different ways. For me, I have my family, my job, my pets, and many outdoor activities, pulling me in different directions. I learned years ago, that a planning process is key in helping me accomplish what I need to accomplish

A Proper Planning process, takes into account personal life, your business and your JOB. For me, if I didn’t have a planning process, I’d be much less productive

I have broken down my main business activities into a few key actions. I plan these activities out on Sunday morning. Every week, I plan the next week and review the previous week. I break down my non-negotiable activities into small chunks of time. I then place these activities onto my planner and into my Google Calendar. I keep my planner with me, at all times. This way I have total visibility of all my responsibilities at all times. I hope this helps you Crush every day like a Super Hero! Want a copy of my activity planner? Opt in to my blog and comment on my blog post. I will email you my activity planner FREE .

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  1. Great post! Having a plan and a routine is so important, took me awhile to do this. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Great post Phil, love the video and how you share your planning for the week. Thanks for the great content.

  3. Phil great post! Without planning there is small chances for success. You write it great! Thank you!

  4. Artreice Westmoreland

    Phil, I agree you have to plan so you can keep your sanity.

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