So you’ve built a website and worked hard to market yourself or your product and you’ve received Internet leads…. Now what???   Many people are uncomfortable speaking on the phone, and this is often due to lack of communication skills.

Here’s some communication skills to help you through this.

  • Before you call a lead, research the area code. Maybe you’re familiar with this area. “are you from XXXX?” or “where are you originally from?” Or work with Family Occupation Recreation and Motivation to find out how to help the lead.  Building a rapport goes a long way to securing a relationship with the lead. But don’t overdue the building a rapport thing, you can over do it. This gets annoying to the lead
  • “How may I help you? “why did you opt in to my website” “what are you having trouble with?” are all good examples of what to ask an Internet lead.

Bottom Line, not only should you be thinking about how best to serve your leads and team mates, but this should be your waking thought every day, “Whom shall I serve today?” 

I have recorded some of my calls with leads and uploaded them to youtube. However, they are not public. Email me and let me know you want access, and I will gladly give you access.

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