The topic for today is “Copy Your Way to the Top” and what in the world does that mean?

All through school we are taught copying is wrong and will be punished.  Yet most people don’t stop to think that is all we are ever taught.  Learn the lesson in class, regurgitate for the test and repeat until you graduate.  All you are ever taught is to copy what you learned and you will pass.  And the most successful people in the world use this every day to reach the top of their game.  Whether it’s a professional sports figure who learned to make the perfect shot from a coach, a business professional who learned the tricks of the trade from a mentor boss or a new mother taking tips from her mom and friends.  We all copy ever day because it works!

So the acronym for this post is COPY. C is for company, O is for opportunity, P is for product and Y is for yourself.

Anyone can copy their way to the top and it all starts with you.

You have to believe in the company you work for and more importantly the company you keep.  Seek out a company that you believe in and immerse yourself in the company of positive people who believe in you.

Believe in the opportunity with your company and the abundance that surrounds everyone. There is opportunity to rise to the top of any organization if you copy the ACTIONS of those who already have reached the top.  And the more you look for and seek out opportunity the more you will find.

P for product means you have to trust in, believe and use the produce or service you are selling.  If you don’t believe in the product find one you do.  Then simply copy the actions of the most successful people and you will have the same results. And it is that really that simple.

The most important thing is the Y.  You have to believe in yourself.  You and only you are standing in the way of your success.  Air travel, the light bulb and the computer you are reading this on are all here because the people who created them THOUGHT about it and made it real.  Even when great obstacles where in there way because they believed in themselves and refused to quit.

So find some who is doing what YOU want to do.  Find out exactly what the did to reach the top.

Then COPY there actions and you will find you have copied you way to the top.

Michael Schmidt

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  1. C.O.P.Y. that is a great breakdown and approach to building business. Thanks for sharing those tips.