Most people think Adversity is a bad thing. Most people are wrong!

I recently listened to a conference call, featuring Ron Gelok. adversity

Ron spoke about adversity and he had some great points, that I’d like to share.

As Entrepreneurs and even just human beings, we are clay. Adversity molds us into something of value.

If you aren’t willing to be molded, you will NEVER reach that place of value. When we find something uncomfortable, many people just skip over this or avoid it. That’s a shame..Pain when working out, is a good thing!  You only grow by fighting through the adversity.

Every time we do the uncomfortable activity, it gets easier and easier and we are growing. Another example from Ron, when metal is formed into a sword, the sword is placed in fire first, very hot, then the metal is pounded as its molded into a sword. Then he places the sword back into the fire. While the sword is in the fire, the impurities come to the surface, the blacksmith scoops these impurities out. Then he pulls the sword back out of the fire and pounds and molds it more. Then, after much work and molding, the sword is perfected!

It’s during the most adverse times that we grow the most. We gain the most strength!

If you’re not willing to go through adversity, then we are not willing to receive the gift of strength.  Be present in this process and be grateful. Have gratitude. When Jesus and the apostles started  sharing the word of the lord, they faced much adversity, and they were grateful for this.

When you’re on the brink of breakthrough is when the adversity is the greatest. You must push through this! I’ve experienced this working on my blog, dealing with tech issues. But I realized, I must push through the tech challenges online. Push through the fire. And I will be much better off, in multiple ways, by doing this. When I implement as I go, I am being stretched and molded, a la molding clay.

I’m excited to be serving my community in an abundantly excellent way!  I am making a significant impact on  many communities. Entrepreneurs, family and friends, and more importantly, the world!

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  1. Artreice Westmoreland

    Adversity can be hard to deal with but you have to keep pushing.