How sweet would it be, if there was a clear recipe for success? How about 6 quick tips for success??

I recently listened to a conference call with Dustin Wisnowski. It was a value packed call and I was grateful to listen. Dustin shared 6 tips for success.

1)Focus. Focus on simple strategies and perfect them. Practice them every day. After you’ve perfected them, add a new strategy. Stick to 1 new strategy at a time.

2)KISS. Keep it simple and stupid. Don’t overthink things

3)Vision. Have a clear and precise vision.

To find out what the next 3 tips for success are be sure to watch my video.


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  1. Great post and video!!! KISS is essential so many really try to hard and fail then. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The KISS formula is wicked! 🙂 and the recipe format is amazing too. The easiest way to follow things is step by step like a recipe. Thanks mate.