What is “I.L.T”? And How Do I Do it?

What is “I.L.T”?.. If you study top entrepreneurs, you will often hear this term. But, what is it? How do I do it?

I is short for invest. Invest time or money. But often both! You can’t be cheap on investing in yourself. Short the other areas, but not yourself. You must Invest to start the “I.L.T”

L is short for learn. When you invest your time and money, be sure to take notes, study, do everything you can to apply and make record of what you learn. Me, I keep all of my notes from books,webinars, calls, etc… in Evernote. This is a cloud based filing system that I use in many areas of my life. I love it!

T is what I’m doing right now, Teaching. Every time you learn something, teach others!

What is “I.L.T”? Watch the above video


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