Do you have a facebook page for your business? Are you receiving any leads from this page? Would 5-10 leads per day from Facebook make a difference for your business?

This work is simple. To help, I’m going to provide 3 very quick, easy steps you can take to get leads from Facebook, today!

  1. Create a fan or business page. Use this page to build your audience. Invite your friends to start. You can also find related business or social groups. Join them and start making friends and inviting these friends to like our page.
  2. Build your audience. Don’t post links or pictures of your product or company. This page is to brand you, not sell your product. Provide value to your followers. Tips, info, help, and some marketing. Also make your posts engaging. The more engagement you get, the more people see your stuff.
  3. If you want to get leads from Facebook, you will need to speak to your audience. As people comment, like or share your posts, engage with these people. Get to know them. Become friends. They will share their problems with you. You simply offer the solutions to their problems. You know have a lead.

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  1. Great share! Facebook leads are easy when done correctly and you nailed it with your 3 points! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You kept things simple so all readers and get leads from Facebook. Once you get the leads, then you can start converting!!

  3. If done correctly Facebook is a great source of leads… I send everything back to my hub… my blog… great post Phil… thanks for sharing this

  4. Great post, Phil. Engaging with the people is one of the fastest ways to get leads and the results are overwhelming. Thank you for sharing.