Top Beach Destinations

With the upcoming launch of Travel Light, I’m starting to plan some winter vacations and I’m looking at top beach destinations. I sat down and researched top beach destinations and this is what I found.

  1. Cancun Mexico. This is also one of my personal favorites. Growing up, my parents had a time share in Cancun and I spent 20+ years in Cancun over Christmas and New Years. Not only do you have one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you have ancient Mayan Ruins nearby. There’s plenty for the family and adults to do here. Casino’s, top restaurants, water parks, world class nightclubs are all factors that make Cancun my favorite. Just don’t send your children during spring break.
    My mentor Bob Quintana and I at Tulum

    My mentor Bob Quintana and I at Tulum


  2. Honolulu, HI. I have yet to visit here, but it’s high on my list of places to visit soon. The cost of my family traveling to Hawaii has been a reason we haven’t gone yet, but with Travel Light, travel will be much less expensive. 258-308/night are what rooms in Honolulu will run you before any Travel Light discounts.
  3. Miami, FL. Miami is also a place I have visited. This fast paced beach mecca has been a top world wide destination for many years. Rooms on average are 157-203/night.
  4. Another Florida location,  Fort Lauderdale, isn’t far from Miami and in in my experiences, is slightly more tame than Miami and more expensive with rooms running from 155-212/night on average. Fort Lauderdale is trying to shed its party past and lure more of a cultured crowd.
  5. San Juan. This is another place that’s high on my list of top beach destinations, that I need to check out. Room rates run on avg of 220-270/night here, before the savings you will find with Travel Light.
  6. Maui, HI. According to, a room will run from 360-450/ night here. Luckily, via Travel Light, you will be able to save up to 50%!
  7. Puerto Vallarta Mexico is another top beach destination that I have visited. It’s tough for me to rank Puerto Vallarta this far down. My wife and I traveled here for a vacation and we loved it. Rooms on average run from 236-383/night according to Kayak.
  8. Punta Cana, DR. Another carribean top beach destination that is high on my list of potential places to go. Friends of mine are there now and I’m looking forward to hearing about their trip. Rooms run on average $263-365 per night.
  9. Cabo Can Lucas Mexico. Mexico is going strong with 3 destinations in the top 10. It’s tough to rank Cabo this low. Rooms run on average of 284-371/night. Cabo was my honemyoon destination, 18 years ago. Maybe we should go back for our 20th anniversary. 🙂

You can’t go wrong with any of these top beach destinations or by using Travel Light from Viridian. You can click that link to watch a quick 3 minute video on the revolutionary new travel program that is GUARANTEED to save you money on travel. Resorts, hotels, cruises, excursions, golf, car rentals and airfare can all be booked through travel club. You don’t even have to be a member to use the club and save money.

top beach destinations

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top beach destinations
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  1. Great list of destinations Phil! I got to say Miami has bee a favorite of mine. The great mix of beach and city is wonderful! Thanks for the share!

  2. What about Virginia Beach? LOL, I live here but I admit that all of the beaches you mention are great and worthy vacation destinations!

    • Kenneth, I’ve never been there, and none of the sites I checked out listed it, so no Virginia Beach. lol. Thanks for commenting

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