So you want to have an online business,
make money from home, and live a fun,
highly profitable “Laptop Lifestyle”?

 You know – where you can come and go
as you please, set your own schedule, and
work from pretty much anywhere in the
World – as long as you have an internet

Sounds great, right? Well, it is!

 Thousands of my friends live this
way. Matter of fact, we can even make money
without using a Laptop.

 That’s right, you can use any device, like
a smart phone or tablet.
 Heck, most of the time, we make money
when we’re not even working at all.
 I’ll explain later on in this series exactly
how we do this, and how you can do it too.

But truly, there is nothing better than being
able to click on our screens, push a few
buttons online, and watch the commission
notifications roll in.

So what makes the Laptop Lifestyle all

Well, first, the use of technology.

Because technology allows for leverage
and automation that you just cannot get in
most other business models – certainly
not with a job or a business that requires
a face to face presentation or store front.

Then of course, there’s the Internet.

The Internet has brought the World closer
together more than anything in the history
of the modern technology, and it’s at your
fingertips to make money with – 24/7/365.

You can literally make money while you

Imagine, as you lay your head down at
night, someone else, halfway around the
World is opening up their eyes, clicking
on your links, and buying whatever you
sell online. Now THAT, is magical!

And then thirdly, a few different tools,
systems & processes that we use to sift
& sort the suspects from real prospects,
do a very powerful sales presentation for
them, make the sale, and process their

That’s right – the Laptop Lifestyle can
even become, hands off – for when you
want to travel, take vacations, or, just
take some time off to spend with family
and friends.

And there are even more resources to help
you succeed – like a strong community of
others helping each other (a Facebook Group
for example), ongoing support, mentorship,
& LIVE training each week.

In other words, with a great opportunity
and offer, everything you need to become
successful should already be in place.

And YES – it can truly be that simple, when
you learn from those who know exactly how
to do it.

We covered the 3 Fatal Flaws that squeeze 99%
of most Home Based Business & Direct Sales
Companies, crippling their members, and leaving
them dazed & confused.



And tomorrow, I’m going to send you your first
Strategy for Home Based Business Success.

It’s simple, but it’s so important to start your
business out correctly for the most success,
in the shortest amount of time, with the least
amount of headaches.

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  1. Chondra Rankin

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the series 🙂 And love having those magical leads come in while in dreamland! Thanks!

  2. Keith Everett

    Excellent post Phil, we definitely have the best business model on Earth in my opinion. Thanks for sharing