So in my last post, we started our new Series, called,
Your Home Business Success Strategies. 
And today, we are going to dive right into the content,
because you deserve to know the details about what it
takes to run a successful home based internet business.
Since the dawn of the Web, it has become a universal
truth agreed upon by every successful internet marketing
expert around the World, that having a great domain
name is critical to your success.
A domain name is a small group of words that you’ll
purchase from a domain registration company, and then
redirect toward the URL  (Universal Re-Direct Link)
of your Website, Landing Page, Lead Capture Page,
Blog, or any site of your choice.  It can even re-direct
to your Social Media Profiles if you like.
Now, because a URL is the exact online address where
a website is hosted and can contain a combination of
words, letters, numbers and even random, seemingly
meaningless characters like question marks, back-slashes
and dots, it’s a great idea to have a short, targeted domain
name that describes your company, business, marketing
system, product, or service.An example of a long string
URL would be something
like this: most people, this would mean nothing but a lot of

So, instead of using that long URL (above), I would use
something like:

I would simple go into my domain register (GoDaddy),
and  forward this domain, to that long URL, so that my
audience would know exactly what the site was about,
before even clicking on my link.

The key is to be creative, therefore, the domain name
you purchase should be short and simple and something
that intrigues a person to click on it when displayed in
an email, online advertisement, or from any website
where your domain is posted, like at Facebook, YouTube,
Twitter, Instagram, etc…

Buying a Domain 

As a rule of thumb, always buy your own name, and
various versions of it.

If your name is John Smith, you might want to buy
JohnSmith dot com, JohnSmith dot net or JohnSmith dot
info, based on what’s available and what the purpose
of the website you are marketing, is. (see below)

If these are not available, you can use variations like
WhoIsJohnSmith dot com, MeetJohnSmith dot com
or PartnerWithJohnSmith dot com.

Even if you don’t use all your purchased domains right
away, you will certainly want your own name for any
personal branding you might create in the future.

Of course, you can use it for your Blog, or YouTube
Channel or Instagram, or whatever you choose, depending
on the market you are displaying your domain to.

As a rule of thumb, it’s a great idea to use your own
name in a domain when marketing to your friends, fans
or followers from a Social Media Market.

People who follow you and are your friends on Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google
Plus, and/or any Social Media Platform, want to know YOU,
so by using your name or a version of it, this will create
curiosity, perhaps compelling them to click on the link at
your Profile Page and go through your marketing funnel.

When selecting a domain name for online advertising, it’s a
great idea to create what is known as “relevance”, by including
in your domain name, a couple or few words that appear on your
Landing Page (Lead Capture Page), so that when the visitor
lands on your page, they feel that they are getting exactly what
they expected.

And yet because online advertising is not a Social Media
Advertising Campaign, using your name is not the best option
considering that a cold market doesn’t know you, yet.

So, It’s better to go with more ‘Marketing Savvy’ words in
a domain name that are short, sweet and intriguing to your
audience, if the campaign allows you to display a domain
and isn’t just a banner or text link.

Again, curiosity is one of the biggest factors in compelling
people to click on your link.

Your text, or ad copy might even be overlooked, but your
domain name could attract a lot of clicks.

A great way to come up with some ideas, is to build your
Landing Page first, then purchase a domain name that matches
up with some of the more powerful words on the page.

Or, buy your domain name first and then make sure you use
the words in it on your Landing Page at least a few times,
closer to the top of the page in a Pre-Headline or Headline,
or Sub-Headline, where it will catch the attention of anyone
who clicked on your domain name out of curiosity.

This will also help you get a good “Quality Score” with Search
Engines, especially Google, if you are using Google AdWords
to drive traffic to your Landing Page.

If not, and you are relying solely on free & low cost advertising
& marketing, it’s still a good idea to keep your visitors engaged
by being completely congruent between what they expected,
(based on your post and domain name), and what they got when
they landed at your site.

In this regard, when it comes to buying domains for Social
Media engagement, whether it’s for status updates, or profiles,
keep in mind that if one of your Facebook friends, fans, or
followers clicks on your self named domain, but they get whisked
away to a landing page, website or blog that reflects nothing
about you and does not display your name, a picture of you,
a video or anything about you, chances are they might think
they are at the wrong page and feel less interested.

If you are marketing a page that you are not displayed on, then
just make sure that you explain what they are going to see when
they land at your page.

In addition, stay away from any abbreviations or spellings that
are different than its normal spelling as they will confuse people.

For example, for the word “easy”, don’t use “EZ”. (not that I
recommend that word as a part of your domain – just stay away
from abbreviations)

The best domains use short words and phrases that are easy to
spell and easy to remember.

A good domain name should create curiosity and intrigue
people and make them want to see the information at whatever
page they land on.

You can buy inexpensive domain names at Go Daddy dot com,
if you don’t already have a domain registrar that you like.

This is who I use for all my domain registration.

When visiting this website, the first thing you will want to do
is Search for a Domain name, to see if it’s even available.

If it is, you will see suffixes available for the domain you choose,,.net,.org,.us,.biz,.info, etc…

.Coms are usually associated with a website where a purchase might
be made, ie. the word “commerce”.

.Nets could be used for “commerce” like a dot com, but are usually
associated with a network that the website would represent.

.Info is usually associated with just that, information about someone
or something.

.Org is usually associated with information about an organization.

And the list goes on!

Pick whichever applies to you and your business, however,
remember that dot com domains usually get the highest click
through rates,
 not because you’ll have the best domain name
online, but domains were the first to the marketplace
when the internet was still in its infancy and if people forget
that your domain is, they will always go
to version of your domain.

Be aware that although it could only take a few minutes, it
could take up to a few hours for a newly registered domain
name to be active, so be sure not to start marketing it or sharing
it with others until you have thoroughly tested it to make sure
that it forwards to your desired website.

Forwarding your domain to your URL is similar to someone
calling your home telephone number, but being “forwarded”
to your cell or mobile phone.

Forwarding a domain name is the same concept – you choose
where your purchased “Domain”, forwards to, in this case, your
website URL.

You can even “mask” your domain name, which simply means
that when a visitor lands on your site, they will not see the URL,
but the domain name which you purchased, forwarded and now
displayed in the address bar of your website.

So this is how to select a high converting domain name for
your business and how to make sure that your Landing Page
and/or Website gets as much traffic as possible when advertising
and marketing online.

Just keep in mind that your domain name marks the beginning
of your Marketing System or Funnel, so make sure that it catches
people’s attention, compels them to want to look at your business,
and is a working link that will take them directly to your website.


Next, I’m going to send you Part 3 of Your Home
Business Success Strategies Series.

It’s simple, but it’s so important to start your business out correctly
for the most success, in the shortest amount of time, with the least
amount of headaches.

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