Ok, so now that you know what a domain name is, (explained in Part 2
of this Series)…… the next step to having a profitable marketing funnel, is to make sure
that your domain name, is forwarded to your Lead Capture Page, Landing
Page, or Squeeze Page.
This page has several different names, but no matter what you call it,
it’s function is to capture the email addresses of people who come to
your page, looking at either your product, your business opportunity,
or both.If you plan on making money online, you want to build a list of subscribers
who have “opted in” to view your offer, and having a Lead Capture Page
is critical in order to build one.If you do not use a Lead Capture Page, you will minimize your success
and your profit potential tremendously,
 because you will never be able
to have your automated follow ups & one time broadcast messages re-market
to your subscribers (also called “leads”), and enrich the relationship that
you are building with them, before they buy.Now, a great Lead Capture Page should have several parts to it – making
it a scientifically predictable way to share your sales message with your
target market.Your Page should start with a Pre-Headline, followed by a Headline, followed
by a Sub-Headline.

Then, you should have at least a video or some sales copy, or both, that
describes and explains your offer and gives a few compelling reasons for
your website visitor to give you their email address, in return for the Information
that you are offering to them.

Some home based business marketers call this, “the bribe”.

You give me your email address and I’ll give you what you want.

Of course, knowing exactly what your target market wants, is half the
batte in becoming successful.

In future messages, I will share with you exactly how to know what
people want – and just simply offer it to them.

When you do this correctly – you will make sales hand over fist.

Remember, when the marketing is done right, the selling part is a
piece of cake, because very little is actually required.

More about this too, in future messages.

But back to your Landing Page…

Photos are not necessary, however, you would have to test to see which
version of your Landing Page (with or without photos), converts more
of its visitors into Leads.

You will then use the one that performs the best, and then try to beat out
the conversion numbers with even another version.

This is called “Testing & Tweaking”, unit you can get the best possible “Click
to Lead” conversion. 

An “ok” Lead Capture Page should convert at least 10% of it’s visitors into leads.

A good Lead Capture Page will convert 25% of it’s visitors into leads.

A very good Lead Capture Page will converts 50% of it’s visitors into leads.

An excellent Lead Capture Page will convert 65-85% of it’s visitors into leads.

And I think that’s about the best I’ve ever seen – about 85%.

Just keep in mind that conversion is based on many, many variables, including
the market that you are sharing your page with. 

For example, in a cold market, these people don’t know you – yet – so the opt-in
rate takes a lot more experience to get into the higher percentages.

With a Social Media or Warm Market promotion, your target market already knows,
likes, and trusts you (hopefully 😉 and will opt-in more often because of the already
existing relationship you have.

Overall, a successful Home Based Internet Business cannot survive without
a Lead Capture Page.

And although you always want to capture Leads, there are other strategies that
I share with my Members,
 where you can actually have your target market bypass
your Lead Capture Page, and go right to your Thank You Page, but still be re-marketed

But that’s a whole different conversation for another day.

Right now, unless you are a seasoned veteran making a bunch of money online,
your best bet is to stick to what I’ve shared here before you get into the higher
level strategies that I will share in future messages.

Now, to see what a high converting Landing Page looks like, and how it works
to get the right message into the hands of the right person, at just the right time…

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