[Part 4 of 7]  Your Home Business Success Strategies

If you are a student of success like I am, and already have a home based
business – or you would like to have one – then perhaps you’ve already
heard kind of an old, often used, but very true cliche that says…

… “The fortune is in the follow up”. 

Now “Follow Up” could mean several things but follow me here;

After speaking with a prospect about buying your product or service,
or joining you in business, it’s a good idea to set up another appointment.

But not an appointment where you call to follow up.

An appointment where your prospect follows up with you. 

Here’s my short take on that (My long take we are going to speak about
this week on a LIVE Webcast my friends & I are hosting. You
should come on and meet my friends. They are also my business partners
and we are building a brand new company together.

I’ll send more about this soon…

In the meantime, just know this. 

If you’re going to speak to anyone about any aspect of any business,
just make sure that they are looking for you, just as much as you are
looking for them.

That’s worth a second read: 

If you’re going to speak to anyone about any aspect of any business,
just make sure that they are looking for you, just as much as you are
looking for them. 

And after your first meeting, if you are going to do business with someone,
most often, the right ones always call you back.

So yes, follow up, have a second conversation – but make sure that it’s your
prospect who understands that it’s they who have the opportunity, and will
want to follow up if they feel it’s a good match.

If they are even getting the opportunity, that should already tell them that
the person showing it them, thinks enough about them, to make the presentation,
no matter how that presentation is delivered.

That is a HUGE key to success, and my friends & I have everything but
MASTERED this selling point.

Again, stuff we will be taking about on this weeks hangout.

Now while most text book sales manuals say to set the appointment to
call your prospect again to find out what they thought, to me, that requires
way more “selling” than marketing, which is also way more “work” than
is necessary.

I prefer my leads, prospects and customers come to me.

With my members, clients, and teammates, it’s very different.

But when you are doing business from home on the internet, it’s much
more sensible, and profitable, to have your leads, prospects, and customers,
come to you, in a way that they “want” to come to you.

And this is why, when the marketing is done right, the selling part
is a piece of cake – because very little is actually required. 

Think about that for a second.

Now, “Follow Up” can also mean that once someone opts in to your Lead
Capture Page to take a look at what you’re doing, that you have already
scheduled, automated email follow ups that begin going out to your Leads
& Prospects, right into their Inbox, daily.

So, for this example, Part 4 of our 7 Part Home Based Business Strategies
Series, the fortune is absolutely, 100% in the follow up, because having an
automated re-marketing, or follow up campaign set up is a critical thing for
big, and long term success.

That’s why you want an online platform called, an Autoresponder. 

It’s a fairly simple tool that we marketers use, but it’s importance in your
business is paramount.  You simply cannot operate without one.

Now, in a nutshell, her’s what an Autoresponder allows you to do: 

#1 – It allows you to store the name, email, and many other pieces of data
about your leads, prospects, customers, members, clients, or anyone who
market or sell to.

#2 – It allows you to send a follow up series of email messages, called
campaigns, to anyone who subscribes to your list. (They can also unsubscribe
at any time by clicking on a link in your follow ups).

#3 – It allows you to create one off broadcast messages, to make an announcement,
start a promotion, promote a LIVE Event, make a special offer, or whatever you like.

So, you see, Autoresponders are a super important part of your home based
business success strategies.

Without them, you would miss some tremendous opportunities to build your
business and it would never last long term.

Soon, I am going to send you Part 5 of 7 – How to Make a Sale Online.

I think now that we are this deep into our conversation, you will realize how
important it is to learn from others, who have already built some very successful
business using these same bits of knowledge.

And this week, my friends & I will be on a LIVE Webcast, to answer your
questions, show you what’s working, what’s not working, and how you can be a
part of our Team, as a very new, but powerful team of us are Making the Industry
Great Again.

We are doing something that nobody in the Home Based Business space has ever
done before
 – to my knowledge, and we are doing it with class, integrity, and results.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, and learn to profit with
us as we bring our Products to market…

In the meantime…

Check out my friend Jeff and his weird, but profitable system


I think you are going to love what we are doing.

It’s already working – BIG Time!

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