Wow, wow, and more wow!

In just the past week or so, we have really covered the gamut.

Domain names, Lead Capture Pages, Autoresponders, Thank You Pages,
and now today…

Part 6 of Your Home Business Success Strategies…

To Blog, or not to Blog – that is the question.

Blog ?

Oh yeah – a Blog!

That’s a “Web Log” to Urban Dictionary.

To you and me…

… it’s an Online Home, where you and your brand and your message all
come to life.

Away from Social Media.

Away from all the nonsense that is not you.

Away from all the attraction, distraction, approval, and instant gratification.

Selfies, pictures of cats, and of course…

Everyone else’s stuff.

That being said… 

Blogging is a great way to brand yourself in the market, drive traffic (to a lead
capture page), generate leads, and make sales.

Companies use blogs.

Individuals use blogs.

And if you are an individual in a Company – looking to make money from home
– that’s even better.

Because you can use it to create an online audience, enrich your relationship with
that audience, and simply show people who you are, what you do, and most importantly…

… why you do it.

That’s right.

Always start with “Why” (Great book by the way – Start with Why by Simon Sinek).

What I love about a blog, is that while people get to know, like, and trust you because
of what you blog about, they can also buy the thing(s) you market when they are ready,
so be sure to link your blog to your marketing funnel, whether your Landing Page, Thank
You Page, or even your Order Page – there are many ways to use a blog which we will
cover in greater detail in future messages.

And, there are many different types of blogs – each with a different purpose. Again, more
conversation for another day.

So what do you post on a Blog?

Well, similar to posting on Social Media, you can post pictures, articles, videos,
(all yours, or other pepole’s – or a combination of both), advertisements, banners,
and even links to outside pages, including other people’s blogs, or websites that
you find interesting, or perhaps you are an affiliate for.

Remember, it’s your online home.

Of course, always link your blog to your own Social Media Pages as well, like
Facebook, You Tube, Linked In, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, Snap Chat,
and any other pages, profiles, or places that you own (think… Monopoly! 😉

In the coming weeks, my partners & I are adding a very powerful Blogging
System to our already powerful online marketing funnel, where all of our Affiliates
are able to have a blog of their own, hosted for them as a part of their business.

Stay tuned for more details.


Make it a great day!

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