So, we are up to Part 7 of 7 of Your Home Business Success Strategies…

… Your Order Page.

This is the component in your Funnel where Payment Information is collected,
when someone decides to purchase your products or services.

Now some would consider their Order Page, The Final Step, although I beg
to differ.

If you’ve been following along with this series, then you know that we have
covered Domain Names, Landing Pages, Autoresponders, Blogs, Thank You
Pages, and now, your Order Page, which is the last piece to the Online Sales
Funnel  – but is it really? 

You see, while most people think that making a sale is the be all / end all –
to me and my Team, and all of my Members and Clients – just as when it
comes to success – the Top is just the start of a higher climb – making a sale,
or closing someone (whether it’s online or off) – getting someone to buy your
product or service should really just be the beginning of a fresh new relationship
that flourishes each and every day that he or she owns your product. 

So never get so excited to make a sale, that you forget to deliver after the

And I don’t mean, “don’t deliver the product” – I mean…

… “don’t forget to deliver your “service”.

Because people will forget what they bought a lot of times, but they will never
forget how they felt about the transaction.

So follow up, follow through, and excellent customer service is a must.

I can’t tell  you how many great product companies do not have great customer
service. I don’t do business with them after I find out how poor their service
is, even if I like their product.

This is a big problem I see in the Industry. Lots of broken promises, and not
enough delivery.  We can talk more about this in future messages.

So, back to your Order Page…

When it comes to setting up your Product Order Page, you might want to use
Companies like 1ShoppingCart or EZCheckOut or you can have a custom order
page built for you by a private or independent programmer, to fit your needs.

You might even ask a private programmer to help you set up your Order Pages,
because they are somewhat of a chore to do on your own.

The good thing is this… 

If you want to work smart, and you have been following along with Parts 1-6 of
this Home Business Success Strategies Series…

… by now you probably realize that you can simply leverage someone else’s work,
and use their Order Page that comes with their System.

That’s what thousands of us do, and boy, does it cut down on time and energy.

There’s nothing better than selling stuff online, and letting a Company do all the
heavy lifting for you.

That’s actually Phase 1 of The 3 Phases of Marketing Success – again, another
for another day!  (Boy, do we have lots to talk about 🙂

Now check this out…

Imagine that right after your customer places an online order, while they are very
excited about their new purchase and receiving the benefits of what you now must

… they were offered another product, related to the first one they purchased from

And imagine, if out of every 10 sales you made, imagine even if 2 or 4 or 4 of those
customers purchased the second product you offered.

Imagine how much more profitable getting that one person in your Marketing Funnel
would be – making 2 sales, for the cost of acquiring just that one customer.

This is another part of your Order Page – which has now become more like an Ordering

You see, a good Marketing System will offer your new customer another product or
service, directly related to the initial product they’ve just purchased, making it simple
for them to add another product to their buying experience, with another click of their

Of course, this product should complement what they’ve just purchased, and help them
get even more benefit by doing more business with you.

Some of the best Order Pages I’ve seen, might include things like a Slightly Higher
Upsell, a One Time Offer, a High Ticket Offer, and a Continuity Offer, or Membership.

For the Marketer (meaning you), this presents multiple ways to earn income by selling
products that are different, but all related to each other, to one customer, and maximize
your profits, versus only selling one product and ending the transaction.

And this is the anatomy of a highly profitable marketing funnel. 

To see how one works, from start to finish, find a Leader that you know, like, and trust,
and either ask them for a link to their funnel, or find their funnel online.

As I’ve always said, “The best buyers, have potential to become the best sellers”.

Me personally, I buy a LOT of stuff from really great funnels.


Because I know that the more I buy, study, and implement, the more successful I will

I think all my buying has served me well 🙂

Funny though, I’m not done yet.

I buy all the time.

And as a result, I earn all the time too.

Make sense?

Hopefully not.

Because it makes dollars.

Lots & lots of dollars.

And that’s why you have read so far in Your Home Business Success Strategies Series.

Because you want to make lots and lots of dollars.

So, if you like what you’ve read so far, imagine partnering up with me, working directly
with me, and allowing me to mentor, coach, and guide you in your own Home Based
Business Success.

I am a part of a Team that is doing some amazing things, helping a LOT of people make
a LOT of money, and we are making a VERY big announcement tomorrow, Monday, that
I think you will want to hear.

I will teach you everything I know – if you’ll let me – and my Team & I will show you
how to be a part of something very, very special that is just forming now.

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  1. Another great post in the series!! The order page, is it really the last page? I would hope not, great nuggets as always!! Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Really great tips all around and the series was a really great read. Having a good order page and help with making sure you finish with a sale.