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About Me

I have been an Entrepreneur from an early age. My parents were Entrepreneurs and instilled this spirit in me at an early age. When travelling, our favorite game, would be to try to create the perfect business for where we were at the time.

In high school, I started my own DJ business. I DJ’d events and parties, while working for my father in our family asphalt paving business. My first year out of college, my father had a heart attack, and I was thrust into running a 2 million dollar company at age 23. My plan WAS to have the largest asphalt paving company in the area and I grew the company to about 7 Million dollars. I have personally managed every aspect of a large business. I have experience with business development, management, networking and marketing. When the economy turned in 2009, this set a serious of events in motion that gave me a rude awakening. I was discouraged, but I realized, I needed to find a better way.

My best friend introduced me to a new way of thinking, network marketing. And this opportunity would allow me to work part time, saving people money, by choosing green energy. I could create a passive residual income stream, earning money from something everybody uses.

Having sold my asphalt paving company, I am now ALL IN! I still work in the industry performing sales and consulting. but now I have the time to focus on my dream. I utilize technology to build multiple online revenue streams.

Work With Me.

This progression led me to the art and the business of Lifestyle Design. I now coach and mentor people in Lifestyle Design.

These are my coaching offerings

  • Business Coach and Mentor. My most popular option. Act now! $50!
    • 16 Steps to 6 figures video & coaching series.
    • 2 Hours of coaching and branding upon completion of all 16 steps.
    • Upon completion of all 16 steps, I will set up your email autoresponder and your click-funnels account
    • Membership in the exclusive “Freedom-Hacker Mastermind group”!
    • Click Here to take advantage of this special package

  • Business and Personal Development Coaching in your business opportunity. Typically Hourly
    • I have various packages available, depending on what you’re looking for
  • Internet Marketing Coaching. Hourly
    • I’m an internet Marketing Specialist

Free Consultations and trainings are available.

I offer 1 FREE coaching consultation(up to 30 minutes). After that we can negotiate an hourly rate.

My Recent Work

Northern Illinois University. 1999 Graduate.  Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship

Landmark Education. Curriculum for Living Graduate. Most recently complete the “Self Expression and Leadership Program”

Leader of 3 young men I mentor and shape, every day!


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